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Academy Sports E-Commerce

Academy Sports is a brick and mortar sporting good company located in the Southwestern region of the United States. Their desire was to create an e-commerce site that will allow them to showcase their catalog of items and to be able to sell these items online.

Project Details

Live Site

Project Description

Problem to Solve
In 2010 Academy Sports had a brochureware site. The goal was to create a new e-commerce site. In collaboration with Isobar, and Avnet Services, we were able to provide Academy Sports with a state of the art e-commerce site.

How We Did It
The main technology behind this e-commerce platform was WebSpher Commerce Server (WCS). Our goal was to take advantage of all the out-of-the-box technoology that was provided by WCS and also extend them further and create a customized site for the client. We also incorporated with several 3rd party technologies like tax calculation and shipping estimation. We also created customized invoices/receipts using iText to convert the transactions to printable PDFs.