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  • Design
  • 3rd party integration
  • Sass CSS

Website Design and Development

Complete Eye Care of Texas is a small optometry located in Plano Texas. Our goal was to help this start up build an online presence.

Project Details

Live Site

Project Description

Problem to Solve
This small business needed to get an initial foot hold into the business world. Their commitment to having a solid web presence included creating a website that will include all the relavant information and also integrate with 3rd party software like eye care videos, online forms, and online appointments.

How We Did It
Our discovery and design process helped us in putting together a website that is both user friendly and provide a great user experience.
Next Steps
Although our design has been a success, support of modern devices has been lacking. The complimentary mobile site is causing some maintenance issues. The next steps are to create a new responsive site that will suport all devices and also update some of the 3rd party application integrations.