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Morrison's Auto Rite Website

Morrison's Auto Rite is a small auto repair shop located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Our task was to bring this company's website into the 21 century and provide a modern and responsive site.

Project Details

Live Site

Project Description

Problem to Solve
Morrison's Auto Rite needed to extend their business beyond their old and antiquted website. Their goal was also to convey to their customers the variety of services they provide that extend beyond day to day maintenance. They also wanted to convey information regarding the technology that they provide for their customers.

How We Did It
We had three goals and objectives that we wanted to accomplish with this project, to create a responsive site, to convey all the relevant information, and to provide the client (MorrisonAuto Rite) with the ability to make small changes. As a result, we choose to implement this site using Wordpress. We customized a wordpress theme to meet the needs of the project.