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  • ReactJS + Flux
  • NodeJS
  • Gulp
  • Pattern Lab
  • Sass CSS

Perkin Elmer "Elements" Re-Architecture

Perkin Elmer "Elements" application is a cloud based scientific notebook targeted for lab technicians and scientists in the scientific field, universities, and schools. Our goal was to keep the same exceptional product while re-architecting the underlying technology.

Project Details

Live Site

Project Description

Problem to Solve
After completing our intial discovery phase, we came under the conclusion that the existing technology stack of JavaScriptMVC (an old JavaScript framework, predecessor to CanJS), several versions of jQuery, and convoluted implementation of third party software was hindering the ability of the product to expand. As a result of this conclusion, we recommended a new technology stack that will help in the extensibility of the product.

How We Did It
After evaluating several JS frameworks, we agreed to use ReactJS along with a Flux implementation pattern. To support our effort, we extracted the design and created a complimentery Pattern Lab site. We also implemented Gulp and a NodeJS server to handle some of the ancillary tasks. All these efforts were completed with proper documentation and guidelines for future developers ot learn and use.